STAFF PICK: Let Black Kids Be Kids

STAFF PICK: Let Black Kids Be Kids

While Dismantling Injustice is taking a brief summer break, the Envision Freedom staff is curating a “Staff Picks” series, where we are sharing some of our favorite episodes from this past season. This week, our Communications Manager, Julie Mente, shares one of our most listened to episodes.

Professor Henning, activist, youth defender and author of The Rage of Innocence: How America Criminalizes Black Youth, sat down with Carl for a conversation about the criminalization of Black youth. Professor Henning explains how and why America manufactured fear of Black children, how that fear feeds into criminalization today and the ways in which Black children are not allowed the same adolescence as white children. She shares solutions for moving forward and why we must all examine our biases toward Black youth.

Erase the Database: How the NYPD Gang Database Harms NY Youth

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