NY State Budget: Backwards on Bail, Safety, Progress

NY State Budget: Backwards on Bail, Safety, Progress

On this episode of Dismantling Injustice, we are joined again by Zoë Adel, research & advocacy manager at Envision Freedom Fund, to update us on how New York state leaders passed a budget that includes a third round of changes to the bail laws that will undo the progress made towards pretrial freedom. Zoë breaks down the specifics of these changes and the human toll we can expect. As someone who has been fighting to expand pretrial freedom for many years, Zoë shares her insights on why setbacks like this one are not enough to derail continued organizing and advocacy. Listen to learn more.


Check out our 7 Tips for Talking to Your Family & Friends About Bail Reform: https://envisionfreedom.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/7-Tips.pdf

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